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John Yoo gave "legal" Cover for Torture and Other War Crimes.
International Law Cannot Be Ignored

John Yoo argues that "everything is permitted" to the national security state (read U.S. President).  Laws, treaties, moral principles, nothing can stand in the way!  His legal memos provided not just the "legal cover" for totrue, but also indefinite incarcerations without trial, rendition, massive spying, and agressive war.

John Yoo is unrepentant for his part in justifying immoral and illegitimate war on Iraq and boldly advocates for expansion of American imperialism in the Middle East, urging Republican presidential candidates to "begin preparing the case for a military strike to destry Iran's nuclear program." National sovereignty by damned!

UC Berkely Law Professor John Yoo and Julian Ku, Professor of Law at Hofstra Law School are in Southern California discussing their new book Taming Globalization: International Law, the U.S. Constitution, and the New World Order

David Swanson's review of the book: "Not content with American ownership of the Middle East, Berkeley's Boalt Hall Law professor and premier war criminal sets his sights on the heavens, writing 'OUTER space has become the next frontier for American national security and business. From space, we follow terrorists and intercept their communications, detect foreign military deployments, and monitor a proliferation of unconventional weapons. Our Global Positioning System gives us targeting and tactical advantages, spacecraft create image-rich maps, and satellites beam data around the world…' John Yoo argues that dozens of international institutions like the International Court of Justice and the World Trade Organization present an unavoidable challenge to American constitutional law. He argues that America must re-conceptualize the Constitution and must recognize the President's power to terminate international agreements and interpret international law."

Meanwhile Yoo also argues vehemently that Obama cannot make any decisions about international treaties--much less abrogate them!  How do you have it both ways??!! See Jeffrey Kluger's piece on Bolton and Yoo.

For more on UC Berkeley Law School’s “Torture Professor”, go to http://www.FireJohnYoo.org. For more on Yoo by David Swanson see here.

Download a Yoo War Criminal poster here.

Torture is a war crime and a crime against humanity - whether in Gitmo, AbuGhraib or Bagram or in our own U.S. prison cells. We invite all people of conscience to join together to say No! to torture in our name.

Thursday, April 5th - John Yoo is speaking at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council at the Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel, 1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401. We will picket on sidewalk outside hotel at 6 p.m.. Bring signs stating what you think about John Yoo and Torture; Wear Orange jumpsuits and/or black hoods (black t-shirt works well) to represent the thousands that are tortured and still held in prison. The protest is called by World Can't Wait. For more War Criminal Citings and events see WarCriminalsWatch

Friday, April 6th. - John Yoo is speaking at Gulliver's Restaurant, 18482 MacArthur Blvd in Irvine, (across from OC airports near 405 Freeway). Our good friends at War Criminals Watch SoCal is calling a "Thank you for Legalizing Torture John Yoo" Protest.

Let us know if you're coming.

Los Angeles World Can't Wait

E-mail: worldcantwait_la@yahoo.com