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World Can't Wait strongly endorses:

Wednesday June 20th protest against Judge Bybee and defend 1st Amendment right to free speech, 9th Circuit Court, 9:30 a.m. 125 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena. Silent protest due to gag order. Mouths will be taped and tape provided.

Please contact Sharon or Susan below:

Thank you!
Sharon Tipton,CodePink OC/LA
949 653-1097
Susan Harman, CodePink SF
510 866-6743


Jay Bybee, a judge on the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the second highest court in the land, was found guilty of war crimes by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, May 11, 2012.

He and his colleagues in torture—Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Addington, Haynes, and Yoo—were tried in absentia and declared guilty of war crimes. The transcripts, statements, and verdicts will be sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, and the Security Council.

Today this war criminal sits in judgement of other human beings in the courthouse in Pasadena. He must not sit there in impunity. But protestors have been silenced by order of the Court, denying them their First Amendment rights.

Where is justice?

Torture Judge Jay Bybee is sitting en banc on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena next Wednesday, June 20, at 9:30 a.m. We've been protesting him whenever and wherever he sits (Pasadena, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Honolulu, and once even in Idaho!) for over three years. But in January the Court decided to enforce an obscure gag rule and forbid us to speak out, even after the session is ended.

E-mail: worldcantwait_la@yahoo.com