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Statement of Tomás Olmos

Statement of Tomás Olmos in support of “The World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime” Mobilization on November 2:

I do not usually write these types of letters, but I find that the circumstances of our time require that I take some action beyond the normal. I think you will readily agree with me that these are not normal times. Quite frankly, I believe that we are living in a very dangerous time in which the very future of our society is in the balance. Over the past five years, we have experienced major changes in national and international politics with frightening consequences. Most of these changes are the direct outgrowth of policies implemented by the Bush Administration. Bush continues to govern as if he is unaccountable to the electorate or to the guiding principles of our Constitution. Each day, Bush becomes bolder and more brazen in his acts. And each day, we become more demoralized and lower our expectations to new depths.

This is the world that Bush has created:

1841 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq & untold thousands of Iraqi lives as of August 12, 2005;
$300 BILLION has been spent on the Iraq war as of August 12, 2005;
0 weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq;
$236 BILLION was the surplus inherited by Bush when he took office;
$333 BILLION is the current deficit under Bush;
1 in 5 American children live below the poverty level;
5 MILLION Americans have lost their health insurance since Bush took office.

Our government is engaging and defending the torturing of prisoners.
Our government is arbitrarily detaining, for unlimited periods, suspects who are not afforded basic rights under the Constitution.
Hundreds of Katrina victims died unnecessarily because funds and resources were redirected to support Bush’s war on Iraq and terrorism.

Bush’s agenda has not made our world a safer place—but rather a more dangerous place.
Bush’s agenda has not made our world a better place–but rather a place where we have compromised our ideals and principles.


I know that you believe dearly in a world that values human life. I want to urge you to join me in supporting a movement to stop the Bush agenda and change the course of history beginning on November 2. Each one of us has a duty and obligation to shape the future. Be part of a solution. Let your voice be heard!

Tomás Olmos is Dean Emeritus, People’s College of Law*; President, Mexican American Bar Foundation, Los Angeles County*

*affiliation for identification purposes only.