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Statement in Support of High School Students

Participating in Nov. 2 Actions:


            High school and middle school students throughout the country are organizing to take their part in powerful political actions on Wednesday, Nov. 2 to launch the movement to Drive Out the Bush Regime.  In southern California student organizers for Nov. 2 are reporting threats and intimidation by school authorities, including failing grades, tickets for truancy, and suspensions.

            On October 26 a memo was sent to every principal from LAUSD directly stating “Do not attempt to prevent students from leaving the campus” on Nov. 2.  This policy must be made known to students throughout LAUSD immediately, and violations of this order by school administrators and the police must stop.  And more, LAUSD must assure the parents and the public that students will not be punished for taking political action on Nov. 2.  At a time when military recruiters roam the high schools of this country pressuring underage students to join a military engaging in wars of aggression and torture, students can not be stopped from taking political action to put an end to this regime and affect the future of this world and their place in it. 


            We call on LAUSD to immediately publicize their policy concerning the right of students to engage in politically protected activity, and all of the memos that have been issued regarding the Nov. 2 actions should be made public, so that students, parents, and the public at large will know that the rights of the students to take political action are being protected. 

October 28, 2005