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Report on Orange County CA Yoo Protest

By Sharon Tipton
April 10, 2012

On April 6, 2012, at a luncheon hosted by The Federalist Society of Orange County, John Yoo spoke to a room of about twenty people at Gulliver's Restaurant in Irvine, CA, about his new book on globalization. Outside protesters from World Can't Wait, War Criminals Watch, Code Pink, Military Families Speak Out, Occupy Orange County, Orange County Peace Coalition and Friends of KPFK wore orange jumpsuits and held large signs educating passersby about the crimes of Yoo. Inside, the crowd included two Code Pink protesters who, while blending in, were getting ready to issue an arrest warrant to Yoo. The protesters' chants outside were heard inside: "Arrest John Yoo!" and "John Yoo is a War Criminal!"

Then J. stood up and read the arrest warrant to Yoo who mocked her and made condescending remarks to an obviously nervous J. (It was her first time doing this.) While she was being led away by Yoo's security, Yoo continued his remarks, stating these were "Rent-A-Thugs". M. was the other protester inside and was filming this and continued to do so after J. was led away.

But when Yoo pontificated about the death penalty being a reasonable punishment for murder, M. had the opportunity she was waiting for, and said, "You're a murderer and you should be arrested for you war crimes.
How do you answer to that?" She soon joined us outside.

Moving to the parking lot, we chanted and drew the attention of some of the luncheon's attendees. After engaging in conversation, one of them was amazed that we also protest the war crimes of Obama! The tentacles of torture and war crimes are extensive. And more people are learning about Yoo and his crimes. This was the largest anti-war criminal protest in Orange County recently!

E-mail: worldcantwait_la@yahoo.com