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Letters of Support for Nov 2 Walkouts and Geovany Serrano

Letters of support from Carly Miller- Clothing of the American Mind and a World Can't Wait organizer from Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Nov.2nd walkouts and L.A Youth organizer Geovany Serrano (currently facing bogus charges and has been transferred to a different school).

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Dear Principal Yoshinobu:

On November 2nd, Belmont High School student Geovany Serrano was grabbed by school police, pepper-sprayed and arrested while attempting to exercise his first amendment right to free speech by participating in the 11/2/05 World Can’t Wait protests against the Bush Administration and its policies.  This student is now under house arrest with an ankle bracelet and phone surveillance; in addition, he faces criminal charges as well as suspension from school.

By passing out flyers for this protest and attempting to participate in said protest, Mr. Serrano was only participating in actions protected by the United States Constitution.  The message that you’re sending to the youth community nationwide is that if they dare to speak their mind and speak the truth, there will be repercussions which will surely damage their futures.  It is NOT Mr. Serrano and his peers in Los Angeles and around the country who lied us into this shameful, illegal war in Iraq.  It is President Bush and his cronies.  If you want to suspend, expel or press criminal charges against someone, President Bush is that person.

You’ll find him in the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.  Mr. Serrano was simply participating in his right to free speech.  His actions didn’t lead to anyone’s injury or death, whereas Mr. Bush’s lies have lead to the deaths of thousands, American and Iraqi. 

You are wrong to prosecute Mr. Serrano and you should be ashamed of yourselves for even attempting to do so.  Those students who spoke out against the war on 11/2 are the future leaders of the peace and social justice movements and, for that, they should be praised, not punished. 


carly miller
director of public relations
clothing of the american mind


Letter from Albuquerque 

Us here in Albuquerque are proud of the high school students who walked out on Nov 2. We agree - no retribution for any students.  Instead, they should get medals. WE MUST DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME-NOW -because as we all know THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT.

Of all people, they have the most at stake because their limbs could be next in line to be amputated. The War in Iraq is not for our Country -we destroyed Iraq and created a new place for terrorists -for Bush Regime profit.  Thousands have given their life and limbs for George Bush. NO MORE! What about the memo from Dan Isaacs*?  Why was it ignored?

* Dan Isaacs from Office of the Chief Operating Officer of LAUSD