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An e-mail from World Can't Wait Los Angeles dated 12-31-05

Friends and fellow organizers

Attached is a PDF of the LA Times article in Friday's California section. Also, attached is a copy of the student petition created to build support for the students that walked out of school on Nov 2nd.

The article does a great job of describing and supporting the student's right to protest. However, The writer doesn't seem to have a good sense of the purpose of or even what transpired on Nov 2.

We are requesting people write to the LA Times and let them know what Nov 2 was like and how these students where instrumental in creating the success of putting the movement to drive out the Bush Regime on the map. It's important that our media supporters grasp the significance of this movement. We are more than just another anti war group. We are calling for Bush to Step Down and take his program with him. Please send your comments to the LA Times right away so as to maximize our impact before they're on to other things. Also send a CC of your correspondence to us at the office so we know what has been sent to the Times.

Also, please download and make copies of the student petition. Get your friends and co-workers to sign it. Use it as an opportunity to talk about the need for this movement and the special role that youth and students are playing within it.

Let's get moving and build for the State of the Union (emergency) and the demand in Washington DC that Bush Step Down.