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Nov 2
Report from Los Angeles High School

People gathering inside of School, see the bridge above?!?! And note the Police car in front of school.

This was COOL!! I am not a good picture taker but I did my best….

Check out the Bridge!!! Those students walked out too!! It was packed!!

Alright, everything started on Nov 2nd(duh!). Unfortunately I was off track so I was not in school that day, but my plan was to go in, rally people up, raise hell @ my school and walk out with all those brave students. Now before we get at that let me tell you how it went down.

I planned to meet with the group of students that helped me organize in front off my school right before lunch time (lunch time @ my school is @ 11:15) to go over the plan. I met them @ 10:30 in front of school, I had a Big banner, about 10 posters on sticks, and of course a bullhorn. I met with my comrades and I pass out the equipment and banners to them. After we spoke for a while I told them to stay in front of school holding the banner and the poster up so the people inside can see the support. After this I tried going in to school and surprise, surprise, there was a big-o sign on the front door that stated “ No student will be allowed on campus TODAY.” Ha ha ha this, I had never seen in my whole high school career, what if someone need transcripts to apply for college? (note that during this time many students are applying to colleges, I am one of them, wish me luck!!), well this showed that the organizers @ my school had done a terrific job, because the administration was very, VERY scared…. Ok then when I tried to walk in the security of course told me I couldn’t( Me and my comrades were of course representing with our “ RESIST or DIE” t shirts!!!), I argued with him for a while (note that when you argue with any school official, you CANNOT curse, or do any stupid stuff or else, well you know…you have to politically say f**k you to them, you know what I mean..) Ok this security guy did not feel powerful enough to even try to suppress me so I DEMANDED to speak to the principal. The Principal was at the door in less than I minute, so I spoke to him (I know the principal very well, I am in student gov (leadership) @ my school, or should I say WAS), I ALSO argued with him, and well he was very stubborn about letting people walk out and of course he did not let me in… I told him that by not letting people out he was in violation of the School Board’s own rules. He was skeptical at first about my knowledge of a bulletin that I told him about, but he was convinced once I showed him a copy… (ha ha u should of seen his face). Ok after our conversation my principal seemed as weak or weaker than the security guard because he said “Talk to my boss then,” please tell me if this was not a sign of weakness. I of course said “OK” ill make her look bad TOO!!. Now by some kind of “COINCIDENCE” (note my satirical tone) the supervisor for my school was @ my school that very same day (Nov 2nd), what are the odds of that?!?!? Well I spoke to her the same way I spoke to the others. I was very mad at the administrators for carrying out the same agenda as the Bush Regime is doing, that is suppressing all kind of critical thought, I mean why even have schools then!!!! Ok I didn’t win that battle because I saw as a lil defeat, of course I made them all look bad, and pretty much burned them (old folks, don’t worry ill try not to use so much slang), but ultimately I was not let in the school, and that was my goal. I very very mad, like I said earlier but I was not going to give up I mean I had people supporting me (we were about 8 people outside already, and my moms was there too so that was a lot of support, Gracias MAMA!). OK… not only did these meaningless administrators didn’t give me access to the school but they also told me that me and the group of people I was with could not be in front of school on the sidewalk adjacent to the school. We crossed the sidewalk and the bell rang for the students to get out for lunch. I was decided not to fail, so me and my comrades and my mom started our own little rally. I read the call, we took turns in reading speeches, we called on the people, at first I was very skeptical about the walkout, I thought the most we were going to get out was going to be 100 at the most, and at one point I doubt the whole thing was going to go down. But what made the difference was the support from everyone outside and inside the school. People started to gather at a gate in front of school, from that gate you were able to see us, it started with 5 people, then it grew 50 and it kept growing so fast that the principal had to come out with another bullhorn. He proceeded to make threats of suspension and tickets to the people inside of school, me and my comrades were screaming at him and at the people inside that “ this was not only our right but our responsibility as well… and that the future was at stake,” the number of people was incredible, people wanted to hear what we were saying to the point that they started to gather on the second floor of the school on a little bridge that had a view of us. People on the inside told me that the only reason why they FINALLY opened the gate was because people were so enraged that they started to throw things at the principal and at other administrators. When the administrators opened the gate people of all colors, all grades, and from all aspects of life poured into the front of the school, there was so many of them that many had to stay inside while we spoke to the whole crowd, people again ran to the second floor to hear us speak. Me and my comrades were very proud of what we had done that day, but that was not the end, not at all it was only the beginning of a day that will go down in history. After we spoke to the crowd, we let a march for about a mile to one of the points of gathering along Wilshire blvd. As we marched police officers that were on call were escorting us( supposedly to protect us, ha ha ha that’s funny…). Also as we were on our way to the gathering point, cars honked like crazy, and people from their houses shouted, and joined in one voice “ The World Cant Wait Drive Out The Bush Regime” These words were heard throughout Los Angeles on November 2nd. The line of students was very long, I will say about 3-4 large city blocks. When we got to Crenshaw and Wilshire people from other schools were there to greet us and we all gathered there for a while.

Things were going great, until police got there, about 20 police officers on bikes got to that corner and many were patrolling around us. The scene was wild and filled with enthusiasm. When I overheard some administrators (yes they followed us, what a surprise!) talk about bringing some yellow buses to come and pick up the students, I was very concerned. This was because with the heavy police presence, the student were going to be intimidated, thus leading them into the buses and then back to school. I was decided to not let this happened so I called all students to go to the other side of the street and catch the bus to go over to the main rally. We did this but when we were starting to cross the street police officers got off their bikes and unfortunately the yellow school buses got there and a small quantity of students went back to school. I don’t blame them, the pigs were really intimidating to some and well… Ok about 3-4 city buses were filled with students that eventually got to the rally, even after the MTA took a BIG detour right before getting to the main rally gathering point, how odd right?!?!?! WELL no matter what this government does, no matter what administrators do, students in Los Angles and all over the United States are not going to sit on the side lines ANYMORE!!! We WILL be at the fore front of this battle!!! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!!!   THE BEGINNING OF THE  END OF THE BUSH REGIME IS HERE!!!

OK I am sorry for misspelled words etc… I had to put this together very quickly so please try to understand. I would like to thank everyone from the WCW committee and of course the WCWLAYS, you know who you are thanks 2 everyone who worked on this, and who will be with us until the end. Like I said Nov 2nd was great, and that is all I have to say for now….

Please keep it post it for Points to consider to have a successful walk out. I will try to write that in the next weeks, Alright?!?   Ok then people, until then and Peace, keep working hard.