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Granada High (CA) punishes student for wearing sticker

Another Incident of Repression of High School Students:
Granada Hills High School in California punishes student for wearing a world can't wait sticker.

Contact the school and demand this repression stop: (818) 360-2361, http://www.granadahillshighschool.com/contact/

Statement from Joseph A. Chavez, Parent and Guardian of Davey Moore Chavez:


On 11-2-05, at 10:30a, my son Davey Moore Chavez, who is a sophomore at Granada Hills High School, was wearing a, "World Can't Wait, Drive out the Bush regime!" sticker on his t-shirt.  A school official approached him and ordered that he remove the sticker.  When he refused, a school police officer (Officer Bowen) was called and grabbed my son by the arm and demanded that he comply with the school official's instructions.  Again he refused and was sent to the Dean's office.  The Dean, Mr. Percy Pleasant, told him to remove the sticker because it did not represent the opinion of the school and that the school was no place for him to express his political opinions.  When my son told him about today's march and walk-out and what it represents, he became very agitated and again demanded that he remove the sticker or he would face a serious punishment.  My son then told them, "If you want me to take off the sticker, then I have to take everything off as well."  With the exception of his underwear, my son took off his clothing and told them, "You can take my cloths and the sticker, but you can't take what I believe in my heart.   This war is wrong and the word needs to get out!" 

            The Dean then sent him to the Nurses office, because he thought my son was, "off-balanced, or under the influence of some controlled substance."  The nurse/social worker, Barbara Ackerman, told my son that she supports what he was standing up for and that it was wrong for the factuality to react the way they did to him and the other students who were wearing the sticker.  She told him that as a youth, she was involved in the peace movement during the Vietnam Conflict and that he should contact her if he ever needed help in the future. 

            I met with the Mr. Percy later that day at 2:50p.  When I told Mr. Percy that I supported my son's stance and beliefs, he told me, "If your son wants to change the world, maybe he should become a Senator and go about it the right way.  The school is no place for him to express his personal political beliefs."  He then told me that in regards to the war in Iraq, "Some wars are necessary and some wars are not."  After telling me that his son was in the Marines and had just returned from a couple of tours in Iraq, I told him that my son and every student that voices their opinion about stopping this war should be commended and not punished for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights.  He then told me, "Well that's where you and I just differ."

            Before leaving he told me that it hadn't been decided what action should be taken against my son for defying a school official.  He told me that he was going to speak with the Vice Principal and let me know what had been decided.


In addition to the information in the above statement, and a telling exposure of this repression, a Christian organization openly hold group prayers in a public lunch area, with banners and flyers and everything, while Davey Moore Chavez wasn't even allowed to where a sticker.