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Sunday August 19

An organizer from LA decided to make a solo statement and caused quite a fashion stir at the annual Los Angeles Sunset Junction Street Fair Sunday afternoon. Clad in an outfit constructed entirely out of DIN Orange Drive Out the Bush Regime bandanas, she made the scene at the Silverlake community event, known for its good time flavored family fun, and a tradition of colorful and unusually costumed revelers. Silverlake is a neighborhood of artists, performers, musicians and home to a significant gay and lesbian community. This is a popular and very well attended event each year in Los Angeles.

She approached the ticket gate and the workers were so taken by her outfit and the DIN bandanas that they agreed to flyer every entrant that afternoon while sporting their new bandanas. She managed to inspire all gatekeepers at the event to do this and got out stacks and stacks of DIN flyers this way.

Inside, she had lots of freedom to flyer and talk to folks about the Wear Orange campaign, as well as she attracted admirers and photographers. A crew from the show “Tous Les Habits du Monde”, a television show on the Arte and Culture Channel in France, asked if they could film her for their show. She agreed. She was asked to spin her fabulous skirt and fan out the bandanas so that the message could be easily read: “DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME! WWW.WORLDCANTWAIT.ORG ”. They interviewed her about the WCW and the Wear Orange national campaign. They plan to feature her on a show dedicated to political fashion.

We decided to do this on the spur of the moment because we didn’t have a crew to go out to this event, and we knew we needed to get the word out somehow, so we decided to make a “fashion scene”. And a scene it was!

The World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime! Declare it Now! Wear Orange!

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