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Saturday, October 29, 2005

We are the Future and the Future is at Hand-Letter from HS Students

The following is a statement from a High School Youth. It was read by High School youth in L.A, Friday, at a Press Conference in front of Fairfax High School.

Statement By L.A High School Student

We are gather here today to put out this call of The World Cant wait Drive out the Bush Regime, a movement that kicks off on November the second, a movement that will be remember for generations to come. This date marks the re-election of george w bush, but after this year this date will be remembered as Beginning of the end of this whole regime!!!

We as high school students have not only the right to join this movement but the responsibility to do so. November the second will be an extremely important date for all the youth around the united states, this is because on November the second our future will be decided. Are we just going to stand on the side lines and continue to be ran by a bunch of fascist that day by day are taking our rights away? I say no more! This has to stop NOW!! . This whole regime, if its not stop now it will continue to carry on its genocidal agenda. An agenda that was showed during and on the aftermath of Katrina.

People that want to prevent us from speaking out against this regime are not so different from this regime, but really is there anything or anyone that is important enough to stop thousands of high school students to walk out of their schools and make the bold statement that this government does not represent us and that we will drive them out. The future of this generation and the generations to come is at stake. The tactics that this regime has been using on people is the same tactic that the administrators and police will try to use on us. I am speaking of fear. We will get threaten with tickets, suspension, and probably arrests. The question is are we going to let these little problems stop us from facing and fighting a huge problem head on? I say no!! We owe it to the millions of people that are getting tortured, murdered and left to die by this regime.

If people in the 60’s wouldn’t have resisted and fought against segregation head on, we would still be living in a society in which segregation was a policy that was openly accepted. Now just think for a minute, if we do not resist and drive out this regime out, What would the future hold for us? .I’ll tell you what!! It would be a future in which torture would be looked upon as a good and necessary thing to do, a future in which women will go back into being incubators, depriving them from abortions or any type of contraceptives, and finally a future in which minorities will STILL be looked upon second class individuals.

This is why I say RESIST OR DIE! On November the second. Tickets or no tickets, suspensions or no suspensions, Get out to the streets no matter what. Do not be intimidated by anyone. This will be a struggle but it will get done. “That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn- or be forced-to accept.” Will you accept this??!?!??
LJ from LAHS.